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the botanical garden is so pretty

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TRACK: The Drunken Whaler
ARTIST: Copilot
ALBUM: Dishonored


The Drunken Whaler, Copilot, Dishonored.

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never try to educate the whites. 

You deserve props for calling this out and sticking to your argument, Nicole. Your comments were well-put and got to the heart of why exactly the post was racist. I’m proud of you friend.


Here’s the full version of my first cover for Crystal Cadets, a really cute and kinda kickass magical girl series from Lion Forge! Issue one is out now, written by Anne Toole, coloured by Paulina Ganucheau and lettered by Erika Terriquez! You can pick it up here!


before you call all lgbt people “queer” ask yourself if you would form a feminist club referring to all women as “bitches” and tell women who are uncomfortable with the word “bitch” to just get over it already